How to Access Lower Antelope Canyon

If you’re looking for an adventure that the whole family will enjoy, taking a hike through Lower Antelope Canyon via Lake Powell is a great option. In late March 2022, my family and I took a trip to Lake Powell which is located between Utah and Arizona. We rented a pontoon boat to get to Lower Antelope Canyon. With two young children, kayaking was out of the question (it can be a very challenging paddle!), but the pontoon made for a comfortable and easy ride. We lucked out that the water levels of Lake Powell were high enough we could access the canyon entrance. Honestly, we have no idea if it is still possible with water levels dropping the way they have been. Be sure to check on lake levels and canyon access before renting a boat if this is a primary reason for your boat rental. Kayaks are a sure bet, and another option for getting here is by jet skis (but we have to be daring to attempt that in Spring (the water is freezing! brrrrrr)!

During spring, the water in Lake Powell is icy cold, but with few boats on the water, it wasn’t so bad for the kayakers (getting here by kayak in summer or when there are many boats on the water will make this paddle even more challenging).

The rock formations are stunning up close. We had the advantage of being on the water early in the day, which meant there were few others around. It was peaceful and allowed us to take in the beauty of the area without distractions.

We navigated a narrow passage and eventually tied off the pontoon near a beach where others had arrived by kayak. From there, we began our hike through Lower Antelope Canyon. This part of Antelope Canyon is not nearly as popular, or crowded, as upper Antelope Canyon. You can also access this part without a tour guide, which you can’t do in the upper part. The canyon is a beautiful sight, with the red rocks glowing in the sunlight. The hike was not too strenuous, but it did require some effort to navigate through the narrow and winding pathways.

One thing to note is that the canyon is quite popular, so it can get crowded. However, by visiting in late March, we were able to avoid some of the larger crowds that typically arrive during the peak season.

Overall, taking our family to hike Lower Antelope Canyon via Lake Powell was a wonderful experience. It was a unique way to explore the area and allowed us to see some truly amazing natural formations. If you’re planning a trip to the area, I highly recommend it!

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