Masquerading in Venice

9 thoughts on “Masquerading in Venice”

  1. I remember when you guys went- it inspired us to do the same:) Rome is next year, but in three years Venice, Lake Como and Milan are on the calendar- looking forward to reading more!

    Just curious, but concerning the gondola rides- what price did you pay, was it negotiable and how long was it? I once paid 80L for a horse drawn carriage ride around the Vatican and the driver had the horse going at full Gallo- I don’t think it lasted more than 10 minutes. Ah, memories:)


    1. I’m so excited you went! We had to do some serious negotiation for the gondola ride- they wanted to charge something like 180€ 😳 We were able to negotiate down to 80€ if I recall correctly. Mostly because we were all dressed up and the gondolier’s boss thought having some riding would attract attention and business 😂 Fine by us!


  2. Our kids have never visited Venice, but my husband and I did when we got married. Would love to take them and masquerading sounds fun!


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